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“i’ve a wife and a girlfriend”: is polyamory the greatest dating trend for 2020?

Authored by Lucy Fry

Polyamorous relationships are getting to be the norm, with ‘thruple’ relationships showcased everywhere from 2017 hit film Professor Marston plus the Wonder ladies to Netflix’s The Politician. But what is polyamory, and will you probably love one or more individual at any given time? Stylist investigates.

Six years back, whenever a pal said she was at relationship having a married few ( a guy and a female), we nearly choked on my espresso.

The 3 of them made a ‘thruple’, evidently, although as people these were ‘polyamorous’, a term first bandied about within the 60s that are swinging.

At its simplest, polyamory means being able love one or more person at a time, often in an intimate and/or intimate sense. Continue reading