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Do i must spend my belated spouse’s debts if we reside in a grouped community home state?

More often than not, you’re accountable for spending your dead partner’s debts if you’re in community home state.

My better half of 45 years recently died after having an illness that is lengthy last week we received a call from the financial obligation collector. The caller stated that my better half owed very nearly one thousand bucks fruitful link in unpaid telephone costs. I became unacquainted with this bill and told him I became perhaps not going to pay it. He stated that because we reside in Idaho, i really do n’t have an option. I need to spend it because Idaho is a grouped community home state. Is it true?

Yes. While death can be particular as fees, it doesn’t eliminate debts, particularly if you are now living in community home state, such as for example Arizona, Ca, Idaho, Louisiana, Nevada, brand brand New Mexico, Texas, Washington, and Wisconsin (community home legislation additionally is applicable in Alaska in some circumstances). Continue reading