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The underrepresentation of females in international policy is just a huge issue

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Jane Greenway Carr can be an ACLS Public Fellow and Contributing Editor at brand brand New America. She holds a PhD from NYU and it is the founding editor associated with Brooklyn Quarterly.

We listen to on matters of foreign policy, it’s neither new nor enough to ask: where are the women when it comes to the opinion-makers and experts? We also need to ask where they truly aren’t.

We truly need maybe perhaps not get really far for a solution: The Washington Post recently compiled information from occasions hosted by six leading think tanks in Washington, DC. They unearthed that perhaps not a woman that is single at significantly more than 150 occasions in the center East. Associated with the 232 events that are total when you look at the Post’s information set, fewer than 25 % regarding the speakers were women. Based on the Op-Ed Project, women writer just 10-20% of op-eds. Another method to check out the status quo: ladies over 65 (friends that presently carries a frontrunner that is presumptive the 2016 presidential competition) are less likely to want to be cited as a specialist into the media because are guys amongst the ages of 13 and 18. Continue reading