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First Comes IS, Then Comes Marriage. If a Bride can be found by you

Chechen Islamic State DjunduLlah that is militant nom de guerre) actually, would like to get married.

Issue is, he is in short supply of leads.

DjunduLlah claims he’sn’t discovered the woman that is right, certainly, any girl) that is happy to marry him.

“Where are the ones siblings who wish to get hitched to mujahedin (jihad fighters), or is your faith just lip service?” DjunduLlah reported in a present post on the Russian-language social media site VKontakte.

The militant, who states he could be aged 19 and whose page that is VKontakte significantly more than 2,600 readers, continued to complain that ladies are marrying fashionable young men rather than selecting militants.

“just how many brothers are unmarried and you’re marrying such modnyaki (fashionable kinds)?” he asks.?

Over on his account, which he operates with an other militant, DjunduLlah complained in a post on June 11 there is no body for him to marry.

Militant Dating Crisis

DjunduLlah’s issue in regards to a shortage of ladies ready to become jihadi brides appears to indicate an even more widespread issue, at minimum among Russian-speaking IS militants.

They joke that militants who can not get hitched should simply undertake a committing committing suicide objective so if they die as martyrs that they can go to heaven and marry “houris” — the beautiful, dark-eyed, virginal nymphs that IS militants believe they will get in Paradise.

“Are you gonna sign us up for committing suicide mission?” DjunduLlah joked on “Akhi (cousin) houris akhi praise Allah, yalla (allow’s go) on a committing suicide objective!”

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