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In 2 situations, people admitted to representing by by themselves as less heavy than they really had been.

This slimmer persona represented a (desired) future state for those people: “The only thing we sort of feel bad about is the fact that photo We have of myself is an excellent photo from perhaps 5 years ago. I’ve gained a small bit of fat and I also feel sort of bad about this. I’m planning to, you understand, lose it once again. ” A woman who misrepresented her weight online used an upcoming meeting as incentive to minimize the discrepancy between her actual self and the ideal self articulated in her profile in another case

I’ve destroyed 44 pounds since I’ve began online dating, and I also suggest, that’s one of several reasons We destroyed the extra weight therefore I can thank online dating sites for that. Because the initial guy that hit on me personally, we examined my profile and I also had lied a bit concerning the pounds, therefore I thought I’d better start losing some fat such that it could be more truthful. That has been in December, and I’ve destroyed each week ever since then. (MaryMoon, Los Angeles Female)

A later physical change neutralized the initial discursive deception in this case. For the next participant, the profile served as a way to envision and ideate a form of self that has been future-focused and goal-oriented:

We type of thought in what is my perfect self. Since when you date, you provide your foot that is best ahead. I was thinking about all of the characteristics that We have, you realize, regardless of if We often make errors and material. … And also got together the very best image I experienced, and sorts of came up in what I was thinking my objectives were at that time, because I was thinking that has been an essential thing to stress. (Marty7, Los Angeles Male)

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