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Risks connected with automobile liens

What exactly is a lien

Whenever you purchase a car or truck from a dealer or from a personal vendor, remember that there may be a lien registered against it. This also applies to other used vehicles such as boats or motor homes along with cars.

A lien is really a lender’s claim for payment this is certainly registered against an automobile. Loan providers and garages have actually the proper to place a lien in your automobile.

Liens stay registered from the vehicle until the financial obligation happens to be paid in complete therefore the lien happens to be eliminated.

A motor vehicle may have several lien about it.

Why should you look for liens

Before buying a car or truck in a personal purchase or via a dealer, make sure that there wasn’t a lien in the vehicle.

Subscribed car dealers are legitimately expected to make liens that are sure taken out of utilized vehicles.

It’s important to check on for liens if you’re purchasing a car or truck through a sale that is private. If you discover that there’s a lien, it should be eliminated before you decide to can register the automobile together with your province or territory.

Checking for a lien for a motor vehicle in your province or territory

You can easily seek out a lien for a car that is used through provincial or territorial individual property safety searches. You’ll need the automobile recognition number (VIN) to look for liens. You might be charged a cost to utilize these types of services.

Look for a lien for a car or truck in:

A motor vehicle may be registered much more than one province or territory.

You may search for a lien by:

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  • asking for information on liens through the vendor
  • buying an automobile history report including a detail by detail search that is lienacross all provinces and regions) from CARFAX Canada

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