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A scrappy and financially averse journalist who rents—not apartment that is owns—her?

Check Always. Features a wardrobe of tutus, (faux) fur coats, and eclectic prints? Always Check. Enjoys the business of emotionally men that are unavailable? Yup! Aside from the penchant for Manolo Blahniks, I constantly identified with Carrie, the only person into the lot who was simplyn’t created having a silver spoon. It had been Intercourse as well as the City (and, kill me personally, Annie Hall) that inspired this Midwest gal to literally have A greyhound coach to nyc. However when we arrived, Cosmopolitans quickly got old. Together with big-hearted but ultra-cynical Miranda Hobbes took over. We all have been Miranda.

Tom Sykes, Reporter:

Truly maybe maybe not a scoobie!

Author’s note: this can be a British-ism for “I do not know.”

okay, perhaps I’m a Steve.

Malia Griggs, Director of Social Networking:

Miranda. We knew I became, took the test, and confirmed it. We reside in ny, We work constantly, and We disdain many males. I’m very nearly too busy to resolve this concern, but I happened to be too amused to pass through it.

Natalia Winkelman, Entertainment Intern:

Miranda’s son, Brady Hobbes. Frequently seated quietly at fancy brunch tables beside their mother while the remaining portion of the team, Brady could be discovered filling spaghetti or presenting a homemade mousetrap to his face in their school science fair. Continue reading