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11 Funny Truths That Only Nurse Partners Are Certain To Get!

By Mariam Yazdi, BSN, RN

We suspect it is difficult to love a nursing assistant.

1. We get fully up early or we work through the night.

?? So let us sleep in, why don’t we simply take naps… basically NEVER wake us if we are resting.

2. We get home later consequently they are too exhausted to cook.

??Should you begin supper as soon as we get back home? No. Should supper be served and ready even as we walk through the doorway? Yes.

3. We work additional because we understand you will find ill individuals who require us

. And therefore $overtime$, though.??

4. We skip events, holidays, birthdays weekend.

?? But in fact, all we need to wear is scrubs so we’d instead rest anyhow.

5. We do not get too worked up about your small “boo-boo”.

??We have experienced far worse. Don’t make me check always a rectal temp.

6. We don’t wish to talk whenever we get back. We’ve talked throughout the day. Continue reading