Plant in Paternopoli (AV)

Plant of 4.5 kwp, 18 polycrystalline panels equipped with Aurora Powerone PVI 4.2 OUTD, monitored with Hicosy Wi-Fi + Cellular Kit

The first photovoltaic plant monitored with Hicosy

Located in Paternopoli, in the province of Avellino, this single-phase system is historically the first photovoltaic monitored Hicosy.
It ‘made of flat roof with an inverter Aurora Powerone 4.2 OUTD that is in the floor immediately below the roof.
Easily accessible, the system is officially in operation since June 2012.

Problems solved with the aid of Hicosy

Overvoltage conditions big sunshine
Shortly after the initial operation, almost by accident, it was realized that the inverter goes off signaling the message “W003 Grid Fail” on the display. By tracking cross with the Hicosy console, comparing the evidence of alarm and output voltages at real-time, it was possible to understand that the problem was due to the fact that the plant had been installed as the first plant on a new phase of the distribution network and thus it had a particularly high initial tension. This value, with the addiction of the contribution of the inverter, made it cross the threshold beyond which the inverter was in protection.

Detachments of string caused by burning fuse

Because of the weather, not infrequently happens that an overcurrent may melt the string fuse of a photovoltaic system. Hicosy quickly communicates the user the problem thanks to the Push Notification, so he can quickly inspect the problem in the alarm section.

Installation in 10 minutes

With internet available it was possible to install dell’Hicosy Wi-Fi + Cellular in 10 minutes. Instantly the datalogger began broadcasting readings to the server and the user, accessing the portal, could see data in his dedicated console.